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At Valuemax Garage Door Repair Livermore we are aware that many homeowners are cable of handling the majority or their property repairs, but there are some repairs that should be left to the professionals at Livermore Garage Door Repair like Valuemax. If garage door repairs or maintenance ever involve cables or spring, please call us today to take care of them. We say this because springs and cables are under high pressure and if handled improperly it can cause damage to yourself or even your garage door. Here at Valuemax Garage Door Repair we do not underestimate what our customer's in Livermore can do; we simply want everyone to be safe. Please visit our safety tips page before trying to attempt jobs like replacing garage door springs. To help prevent a garage door emergency please visit our garage door inspection sheet. For garage door maintenance, here is your list of thing that you can look out for each month.

  • Look for Loose Bolts Did you know that bolts that are connected on your garage door can become loose after raising and lowering a heavy garage over time? If this happens then simply tighten loose bolts as you find them. Also, be sure that you are careful when working around the assembly bracket bolts because these bolts are can be dangerous.
  • Exterior Garage Door Maintenance If your home has a wood garage door make sure that you keep it pained or stained inside and out to keep it looking brand new. Also, this will help keep the performance of the wood garage door at its best as well.
  • Garage Door Locks If your garage door lock is not unlocking as usual do not try to force the key into it. If you do you may end up breaking the key off the cylinder. To help with the situation you can spray a graphite-based lock lubricant into the lock and work gently at it. The lock should turn freely but if it doesn't seem to be working properly, check your lock bars on the sides of the door for proper alignment.
  • Lubricate Hinges and Rollers Please keep an eye out for your hinges and rollers every once in awhile. Poorly lubricated parts wear out more quickly and can end up causing other problems.

Here at Valuemax Livermore Garage Door Repair we would appreciate if you called us for complex garage door repairs that should be left to the professional at Valuemax Livermore Garage Door Repair. Call us today at (925) 478-7941 or toll-free at (866) 575-9050.

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