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Valuemax Local Livermore Garage Door Repair Customer Testimonials

"When our family moved into our new home we realized after the first couple months of moving in our garage door was malfunctioning and sometimes not going down at all. I called Valuemax after finding them online and they had a service tech at our house within a couple hours, they got it fixed and the garage door has been working perfect ever since. Thank you again!"
S. Jameson, Pleasanton

"We were looking for a trustworthy garage door installer and were refered to Valuemax by a friend who had their house done. We could not be happier at the final results and were glad we made the decision to choose them and their team."
L. Miller, Danville

"It was time to call a repairman to fix our old garage door as the remote and opener were giving us problems as well as the garage door itself was slow. The Valuemax repairman came to our home and diagnosed the situation and fixed the problems within a day, we ended up saving our door which saved us money. Thank you very much for the hard work! "
J. Clove, Alamo

"It came down to their quality of product, low pricing, and excellent customer service. It was a no brainer that we knew we chose the right company to do the job. Thank you very much."
G. Hoffman, Livermore

"My husband accidently backed into the garage door before it went all the way up, we were in need of an emergency garage door repair. We found Valuemax online and they came right over and fixed it right away. They were fair in price and got everything working perfectly. Thanks!"
M. Lee, Walnut Creek

"We were very happy with the whole process. Our new garage door looks and functions great."
P. Pierce, Danville

"We found Valuemax garage doors online and gave them a call to see if they could find out why our garage door was not going down. They came right over and diagnosed the problem, found a quick and easy solution, and it cost us almost nothing. We really appreciated not being sold an upgrade or something we didn't need. Very honest company!"
S. Martinez, Concord

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Valuemax Livermore Garage Door Repair Testimonials

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